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Historic Florida is celebrating 500 years of history. Juan Ponce de Leon landed on Florida's shores in 1513, and the resulting 500 years brings us to today. While Florida's history can be documented with pale lithic artifacts in most parts of the state, our most recent 500 years is modern history.

Our Mission

Join us in celebration.
The first Europeans to set foot on Florida's beach met native Americans.  It is with great pleasure that we
acknowledge that the last 500 years has been a giant 500 year POW WOW.
Thank you for our history acknowledgement comes from Archery Classroom.  Artifacts show the advanced nature
of Native Civilisation. 

Florida after 500 years is much the same.
Stronger population, and now the United States of America.

Organization News

Governor Scott has kicked off a year of celebration.  Water Districts are a fitting presentation of the state of Florida that the visitors found.  Most travel was along water routes and beaches along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

 Ocali was early on the list of settlements by the new visitors.


Enjoy a sampling of Florida aquitic wildlife. Images by artist Don Browning Director of TDC Marion County.


Florida's new visitors found an abundance of wildlife.  Much of the same DNA is still living all across Florida.

Viva La Florida means that in 2513 we should be able to enjoy the same DNA as the first Europeans saw upon arrival.